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Spangdahlem Air Base
54529 Spangdahlem
Building 130


Career Assistance

The Development Advisor advises commanders, supervisors, and enlisted personnel on retention activities and programs. The Development Advisor helps determine local factors that negatively influence career decisions, and develops programs that address those concerns. The Development Advisor provides information and guidance on career decisions and helps commanders develop career information and motivation programs. The Development Advisor assists supervisors and commanders in counseling enlisted personnel on reenlistment opportunities and benefits.

First Term Airman Center

The First Term Airman Center (FTAC) provides a structured program to transition airmen from training to a mission-oriented environment, reinforcing the military lessons first-term airmen learn and experience in BMT and technical training. FTAC provides briefings covering various topics and initial ancillary training and has the unique opportunity to create an environment for airmen to develop a warrior spirit and an expeditionary mindset.

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