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Building 440,
54529 Spangdahlem




Saber Pet Lodge

Our mission at the Saber Pet Lodge is to provide quality service and care for your pets. We understand that your pets are your furry family members, so we promise to treat them like family too. You leave ‘em, we love ‘em!

Are you arriving at Spangdahlem Air Base with furry friends soon?

Be sure you have the required vaccinations for lodging and boarding.



E1-E5, civilians up to NA-04, NF-03, GS-05


E6-E9, O1-O2, all other NAF employees, GS-06-GS-09


O3 and above, GS-10 and above, all dual-mil

No show/no call and last-minute cancellations will result in a fee! 3 nights or less: We need 48 hours notice of cancellation. 4 nights or more: We need 7 days notice of cancellation. Holiday & High Volume Dates: We need 7 days notice of cancellation.

Unaccompanied Deployed Member Boarding Packages Available (must provide orders and call for a discounted price)

Additional fees & charges may apply depending on the needs of the pet.

Required Vaccinations


  • Rabies
    Feline Distemper
    Feline Leukemia
    *Feline leukemia must be given 14 days or more prior to check in.


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
    *Bordetella must be given 14 days or more prior to check in.

Pricing FAQ’s

What if I am retired?

If you are currently employed on the base, we ask that you use the level of your current position to find your tier. If you are fully retired, we would consider you Tier 1.

What if both my spouse and I are active duty?

You would fall under Tier 3, as a dual-mil couple.

What if one of us works at the club (or somewhere else on/off base), and the other is active duty?
For couples that are not dual-mil, we ask that you use the rank/income of the primary earner in the household.
What if the other pet parent and I are not married?
If one of you is primarily responsible for your pet, we ask that you use that rank. If you share the costs as a household, we would consider you a dual-mil couple.
I don’t fall into any of these categories. What would I pay?
The categories are intended to estimate income, knowing that circumstances are different between households even within the same rank. If you have been told that your position has a “GS equivalent,” we ask that you use that to find your tier. If none of these categories applies to you, we ask that you tell us whether your household is low-, middle-, or high-income relative to the military community overall, and that will determine your tier. If you are still unsure, reach out to us directly and we will work with you to figure it out!
Why is this happening?
Federally mandated wage adjustments just went into effect that will increase our labor costs by 48%. We are doing what we can to cut back and restructure without affecting the quality of care we provide to your pets, but some of that difference will have to be made up by increasing our prices. In order to avoid raising prices above what our community can afford to pay, we have decided to create this tier system that balances the increase across the different income bands.
Didn’t prices just increase a few months ago?
Yes they did, the previous increase was requested over a year ago to help keep up with annual wage increases from the past two years. This new federal mandate came out in February, and since then we have been working with our leadership to find the right balance between covering our costs and continuing to serve our community.
Are they going to go up again?
We hope not, and we have no plans to raise them again any time soon, but that will depend on what further guidance we get from our leadership.
Who can I talk to about this?
You can send an email directly to our manager at emily.kramer.6@us.af.mil, she is open to your feedback about how to best implement these changes.


Pet Taxi Service
Pick-up and drop-off services at Ramstein and Frankfurt International. Reservations must be confirmed at least two weeks in advance.
Traveling for leisure, TDY, or a deployment? We offer rates for regular boarding and dog suites.
Doggy Day Care
Are you working long hours and not wanting to leave your four legged friend at home?! We can help! Give us a call and we will set your pup up for doggy day care and care for them all throughout the day.
We offer bath services, de-shedding baths, nail trims, ear cleanings, and brush outs. We also offer the ability for owners to do a self-bath.