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Spangdahlem Air Base
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Civilian Personnel Office

The Civilian Personnel Office is ready to employ you! We are broken up into two sections of employment opportunities, Appropriated Fund (APF) and The Local Nation (LN) Employment Program for APF and Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) positions.

See our opportunities for APF funded government jobs and local national positions below.

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Appropriated Fund (APF) is federal employment, civil service positions that are paid for by money appropriated by Congress.

This differs from Non-Appropriated employment (NAF), in that the funding used to pay the salaries for NAF employees is self-generated by the installation where the NAF employee works. Only US Citizens can apply for positions under the APF employment program. Non-US Citizens may apply for positions under the Local National Employment Program.

Local Nationals

The Local Nation (LN) Employment Program hires for Appropriated Funds (APF) positions, as well as Non-Appropriated (NAF) positions.

Only non-US citizens can apply for positions under the LN Employment Program. This includes German, as well as European and other foreign country citizens. Foreign country citizens must provide a SOFA Stamp as proof that they fall under the SOFA-Agreement.


Announcements / Stellenausschreibungen

What We Offer

Standard Working Hours

Part-Time: Employees work up to 32 hours per week.
Full-Time: Employees work 40 hours or more per week, depending on position requirements. APF positions are available base-wide in a variety of squadrons. Most of the APF positions can be found in the 52d Mission Support Group.

Applying for APF Employment

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Qualification Requirements:
It is important to read the announcement carefully, complete all assessments and submit all required documents.
NOTE: Military Spouse/Family Member Preference and Self-Sponsored employees who PCS’d from CONUS are primary US APF employment categories.

Military Spouse Preference

What? Military Spouse Preference is a benefit given to a qualified military spouse seeking employment within the Department of Defense, which includes Non appropriated Funds (NAF), Civil Service (GS/WG) and AAFES positions. MSP gives the spouse a higher priority for government positions.

Eligibility Requirements:
– Relocation via a PCS move to sponsor’s new permanent duty station
– Married the military member PRIOR to his/her reporting date to new area
– Meets basic qualifications and is among the best qualified
– Meets all pre-employment criteria and is immediately appointable under applicable recruitment procedures
– Posses a copy of PCS orders identifying the sponsor, reporting date to new location and YOUR name is on the orders

Do I have to use my MSP to apply?
No, but if you are hired for, or are converted to a “continuing position”, your eligibility for this PCS move has not been used. A continuing position is defined as positions which appointments are made without time limitation, and are required to have a fixed work schedule, i.e., part time or full time. NAF Flexible category positions are considered non-continuing and MSP eligibility remains intact if appointment for a flexible position only.

How is MSP Lost?
– Accepting or refusing a continuing position in the Federal Service, whether or not preference was applied
– Refusal to participate in established recruitment procedures
– Loss of military spouse status due to divorce, death of sponsor, sponsor’s retirement, or separation from active duty

Other Important Information:
– MSP only applies to positions within the commuting area of the military sponsor’s permanent duty station
– MSP eligibility begins 30 days before the military sponsor’s reporting date at the new duty location
– Military spouses seeking preference with less than six months remaining in the area may not be selected for continuing positions

Local National Positions at Spangdahlem

LN positions are available base-wide in almost every squadron. A majority of the LN positions can be found in the following squadrons:

  • 52d Civil Engineering Squadron
  • 52d Logistic Readiness Squadron
  • 52d Security Forces Squadron
  • 52d Force Support Squadron
  • Commissary at Spangdahlem
Applying for Local National Positions

View open positions:
German Labor Agency
 Vacancies are posted on the bulletin board in building 151.
*Positions are normally open for 10 business days.

Qualification Requirements:
Many positions require English proficiency, however, there are certain positions that require German language skills, due to the fact that translations and interactions with German authorities are a vital part of the duties.

Applicants must fill out USAFE Form 201 (Application) and attach all necessary documents. Applications must be turned in to the Civilian Personnel Office in building 151 or sent via email to 52fss.spang.jobs@us.af.mil.

Applicants presenting foreign education and training credentials are required to obtain a letter of equivalency from the appropriate German authority of the state where he/she is residing.

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