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Private Organizations

Private Organizations (POs) are self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by individuals acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government.

What We Do

Because Private Organizations operate on Air Force installations with the written authorization of the Commander, 52d Mission Support Group (authority having been delegated by the Commander, 52d Fighter Wing), the Private Organizations Office acts as a liaison between Private Organization members, the Legal Office, 52s Force Support Commander, and the 52d Mission Support Group Commander to get all documentation set up for the group to be established as a Private Organization. Once established, the Private Organization office will maintain a file on each Private Organization and at the end of each fiscal year, will review each Private Organization to ensure all financial statements, documents, records, and procedures outlined in the Private Organization Guide are followed and the organizations are in compliance with Air Force Instructions (AFI) and Operating Instructions (OI).
Private Organization AFI / Guidance Handbook

Detailed in the Private Organizations Handbook (AFI 34-223) are the following subjects:

• Definition/ Authority

• Oversight

• Installation Commander Responsibilities

• Force Support Commander/ Civilian Leader Responsibilities

• Operating Policies

• Financial Management

• Audit Requirements

• Logistical Support

• Dissolution

• Optional Computer Software

• Other Attachments

All requests, advertising, and any Private Organization correspondence require the following disclaimer:


It is not authorized to use government e-mail to advertise Private Organization events or information.

Do not begin advertising until your fundraising request has been approved.

What is an Official Private Organization?

IAW AFI 34-223, “Private Organizations are self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by individuals acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity. They operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the Installation Commander. POs are not Federal entities.” POs have a bank account that exceeds over $1,000 in an average of 3 months.

What is an Unofficial Unit-affiliated Activity?

Unofficial unit-affiliated activities (e.g., coffee funds, water funds, sunshine funds are not considered Private Organizations, unless current assets exceed a monthly average of $1,000 over a three (3)-month period. Activities which exceed the asset limit ($1,000) must become a recognized Official Private Organization or reduce its current assets below the $1,000 threshold. Also it must be affiliated with a unit (example: Squadron Booster Club).

• A fundraising request form must be submitted to the Private Organization office for any fundraising event. Private Organizations should submit their request at least 30 days prior to the event date.

• With the proper approval by 52 FW/CC or designee, Private Organizations, and unofficial unit-affiliated activities may conduct three (3) fundraisers per calendar quarter. You must submit a completed fundraising form to the Private Organization Office.

• Fundraising must not duplicate or compete with activities of the AAFES or 52d Force Support Squadron.

• Direct solicitation of cash donations is prohibited.

• Private Organizations may not conduct raffles or other gambling-type activities except as provided in AFI 34-223 paragraph 10.20 and unofficial unit-affiliated activities may not conduct any of the above under any circumstances.

How To Establish a Private Organization

Constitution, Bylaws, and other Similar Documents

PO must submit a written constitution, by-laws, and other similar documents, through the Private Organization Office, who will then route for coordination/approval (legal office/MSG/CC). See AFI 34-223 (Private Orgs Guide Book), paragraph 9 for specific requirements. The constitution, bylaws or similar documents must:

• The Constitution, by-laws, or similar documents must be updated every two years or when there is a change in the purpose, functions, or membership eligibility of the PO, whichever comes first.

• Address the nature, function, objectives, membership eligibility, and sources of income of the PO Notify all members of their personal financial responsibility for obligations of the PO.

• Describe the responsibilities of the PO officers for asset accountability, liability satisfaction, and sound financial and operational management.

• Provide specific guidance on the disposition of residual assets upon dissolution.

Insurance Waiver or Proof of Insurance

• POs are required to have liability insurance unless waived by the Installation Commander (must coordinate with base Legal Office.

• POs for which waivers have been granted may be required to obtain insurance for certain special events which involve greater risk of injury or damage

• Forward all waiver requests through Private Organization Office for proper coordination/approval.

**Insurance waivers must be reevaluated annually

Financial Documents

Private Organization must provide the latest annual financial statement with supporting bank statements to the Private Organization office.

Meeting Minutes

• Minutes should be prepared for each meeting in order to maintain continuity in the operation of the private organization.

• This includes, but is not limited to: general membership meetings, Board of Directors/Officers’ meetings, special meetings, etc.

• Meetings of committees will be noted within the text of the general membership meeting minutes. The recording secretary and president (or their representatives) will sign the minutes.

• ll minutes will be forwarded to 52d FSS Private Organization Monitor for review NLT 10 days following the meeting.

List of Officers and Contact Info

Please see the below sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Stay Compliant

Official Private Organizations and Unofficial Unit-Affiliated Activities must maintain updated documents; otherwise, the organization may be suspended/dissolved.

What are Base Events?

FSS base events are any events that are open to the base population like Easter, 4th of July, Family Fright Night, and the Holiday Tree lighting. 

The Private Organization office will send out emails to Private Organizations about fundraising opportunities during upcoming events.

Private Organizations can be contracted by 52d FSS to operate base events when it is determined to be in the best interest of the NAFI.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Please allow at least 30-45 days for fundraiser request approvals due to the time it takes to obtain all required signatures.

Do not begin advertising the event until your fundraiser request has been approved.

What is "For Us By US" fundraising?
As a general rule, unofficial activities’ fundraising efforts are considered “for us, by us” fundraising, unless fundraising extends beyond unit personnel and family members. Unit commanders may approve unit unofficial activity fundraisers on the installation within the unit, and only for the unit’s personnel. Fundraising outside the unit requires Installation Commander or designee approval. Unofficial activities are still Federal entities and may not solicit gifts from outside sources or engage in off-base fundraising.
What are the rules about fundraisers?

With the approval of the Installation Commander or designee, Private Organizations and unofficial activities may conduct three (3) fundraisers per calendar quarter.

Private Organizations and unofficial activities must not engage in activities that duplicate or compete with activities of the AAFES or Force Support Squadron NAFI.

Direct solicitation of cash donations on Spangdahlem AB is prohibited.

Private Organizations may not conduct games of change, lotteries, raffles or other gambling type activities except as provided in AFI 34-223 paragraph 10.20 and unofficial activities may not conduct any of the above under any circumstances.

Private Organizations and Unofficial Activities can not fundraise in any FSS facilities.

Please note that during the AFAF (Air Force Assistance Fund) campaign, fundraising is restricted and requires an ETP signed by the base commander before your request is submitted. The dates change every year, but usually take place from February to June.

The CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) takes place between September to January. Private Organizations can only fundraise during this time if funds go directly towards ones Holiday Party.


All forms, applications, AFI’s and publications you may need are available in the Private Organizations Document Library.